May 14, 2009

"You must have decreased your portion sizes?"

So there are plenty of regulars that come in to eat everyday, but there’s one who’s been MIA for months. Well he finally came in today, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He had probably gained 150 pounds since I saw him last. Well, he ordered his usual, a T-Bone well done, baked potato and buttered veggies, Caesar salad with extra dressing, and two sides of yeast rolls with honey butter.

Now, add to that the simple fact that we give every table a bucket of peanut to munch on while they wait, and this fellow just ate a shit-ton of food.

So, when his T-Bone comes out, his jaw drops and he looks like he could cry. “Why does this look so small!?? I remember your portions being much larger…trying to save money by cutting back I guess. What a rip off …”

So, I apologized and asked him nicely if I could bring him anything else. He declined, but continued to pout as I walked away, mumbling “ridiculous…” every time I walked by.

First, how childish can you be whining like a little baby …and second, Yeah, your right, the portions do look much smaller, but not because they actually are, rather because you are literally twice the size you use to be.


bitter said...

Perhaps you should stock whole cows? Especially if you keep serving pigs ;)