May 25, 2009

86 Jimmy

I've mentioned my disapproval of management hiring teenagers when there are so many possible candidates, but so far, besides just annoying the hell out of me, the teens really have not been that bad. However Thursday night we were all standing around complaining about how slow the weekend was going to be due to the holiday, when Jimmy Chin-Strap pipes in that he and his "bro's" are going camping, and they had a friend hook them up with lots of beer.

I didn't think anything of it until I walked into work Friday and saw him arguing with the managers. Doing my best to eavesdrop I heard him say that he didn't like his job and that he was quitting. After it was all said and done, he walked back into the restaurant to return his work shirt and asked me if he could borrow my cell. I let him, and he just stood there making his call right in front of all the servers, and the manager he just quit on.
His conversation was quite brief but went something like this;

Jimmy Chin-Strap:
"Hey Bro, what up!!? Ya, good news homie, I just quit, so I'm still down for camping."

Apparently he had forgotten to ask for the weekend off, and instead of just talking to a manager, or getting a fellow employee to cover his shift, he just quits.
We all were pretty shocked at the audacity of this guy, but had a few good laughs about it throughout the night, and after shift over drinks. But the best part about it was Saturday morning when I walked into the Steakhouse bright and early to Open, and I see "JIMMY" written in big green letter on the 86'ed board, right under "THE LAKERS."

I love my job.