May 15, 2009

Things that could make me stab a coworker.

Today was almost perfect. I got to work early. Did my side-work, prepped my section, stocked my peanuts, clocked in, and was ready to go. I was first off, so I knew if I got my stuff done early I could jet the second I was cut off the floor.

My first ten or so tables were amazing. Very friendly, easy, straightforward orders, not alot of extra running around. Their food came out just right, and nobody had to send anything back. Now in a Steakhouse it is quite common to send back an under-cooked Medium Well, or an over cooked Rare, and I understand that. If you are spending 25-30 dollars on a piece of meat it sure as hell better be perfect. But not today. Everyone was perfectly happy with there dinner, and then left 20-30% percent tips. I was in a great mood and then it began, so subtle at first.

A very well dressed man and woman with British accents were sat in my section. They asked to see a wine list, and I went to go grab them one.

Now, I might mention that in the restaurant world, each server is given a very specific section, and must stick to those tables, unless either 1. The manager shifts us to ease up on a server that is struggling, or 2. We personally ask another server to take a table, and they agree.

Well, British Couple order a $75 dollar bottle of wine, and seem very interested in the 30 dollar special. So as I walk to the bar to get the wine, I do some quick math in my head, and figure that I should be getting no less then $25 from this table if I do everything right, and they tip accordingly. This was an exciting thought, as I knew I would be cut soon, and wouldn’t have many more tables.

I head back to their table with the bottle when I see a fellow waitress taking their order, I assume she is just being helpful, so I proceed to the table and pour their wine and say

“I’ll go track down K.B and make sure to get your order in right away…

They smile and nod.

In the kitchen I see K.B, thank her for her help and then ask her for there order, when she responds

“I’ll just go ahead and take the table since I already went through all the trouble of taking their order, but you can have the next table that sits in my section.”

Well, I did take the next table that sat in her section. They were complete assholes, and stiffed me on a $60 dollar bill. While needless to say K.B got a $45 tip from the lovely British couple in my section.

Now, I guess this is all my fault. You’re right I could have told her no, but I really hate to cause riffs. That coupled with the fact that I’m still considered the FNG, and there was no way I was gonna start shit with a 5 year veteran.

And just to pour a little more salt in the wound, when she asked how my table in her section tipped me and I said $0, she laughed and said…

“I guess you should have kept the other table after all….”



purplegirl said...

What a hag! It doesn't matter if you're the FNG, don't let her do that to you again--that's just blatant greedy table thieving. I don't like to make waves either (well ... not much), but bitches like that will just continue walking all over you if you don't bring them up short.

G.H. said...

greedy table thieving...I love that. Can I use that in future blogs?
So, your right I should have said something..I guess I was just so shocked that I really didn't know what to say. If she tries that crap again though, I'll have words with her.

purplegirl said...

No, greedy table thieving is copywrited. ;)

Good luck dealing with her--I'm sure it'll happen again, people who're that blatant about stealing tables do it all the time.

Food Service Ninja said...

and explain to me why you let her snake BECAUSE you were getting their wine? its one thing if you were weeded and they had to wait too long

You better grow a pair and stand up for yourself or this bitch and all those like here begin walking ALL OVER YOU

G.H. said...

Food Service Ninja- Believe me, I am not the type of person to let people walk all over me. I always stand up for myself, however my restaurant is very unique. It is staffed with about 20 people total. I, being the FNG have now been there about 5 months, and before me the next newest person has been there 3 years. Of the 20 employees, most are related somehow. Everyone is pretty much like family, and I just have to be careful not to piss people off or they would easily all alienate me.

Trust me though, I was so pissed about this ordeal, that I will never let it happen again.

Angela said...

Don't ever let that happen, particularly when you are new. People will think that you are a pushover. You must stand up for yourself and your customers in order to make money and earn respect.

Bella said...

hilarious! She was a BITCH~!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for you. Thats why I got out of the gratuity and commission business. Can't stand having to deal with asshole thieving coworkers and stiffs. Pay me a straight salary, and I'll do my job happily.

G.H. said...

Bella- She WAS a bitch. Luckily she's gone now.

Anonymous- Believe me, that's what I'm working towards. I'm not a lifer, I'm getting the hell out as soon as I can