May 15, 2009

Stupid teenagers

So the unemployment rate in my hometown is up over 16%, and everyday many desperate people come in to get applications. Unfortunately I have to tell them that we aren’t hiring.

Well, we’ve recently had some changes and needed to hire three people, (A host, a dishwasher and a busser.) These are definitely not considered good positions in the restaurant world, but with the way things are in my town, people are so desperate for a job, that they wouldn’t mind doing the crap work, in fact they would be happy to.

Anyways, for some reason unknown to me, our brilliant managers decide it would be a great idea to hire three 16 year olds, all of which have NEVER had jobs. Nothing about this is OK with me. And to make matters worse, they all cruise up to the staff meeting in nice ass cars. Now deductive logic would assume that if these assholes have never had jobs and drive nice cars, they probably don’t really need to be working, cause obviously daddy is taking good care of them.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think “Johnny Unemployed, cause I got laid off from my awesome job and now I have to humble myself and do shit work so I can put food in my families mouths” probably deserves this position more then “Sweet sixteen who couldn’t give a shit about reality cause all that matters in life is this three hundred dollar prom dress.”


Becca6296 said...

I forgot to tell you that this is GREAT..
The # 1 factor in any hiring decision I was observing working for Guinea pigs, ( I AM Italian so I CAN say that) was the likelihood of getting said teen or barely legal to perform oral sex after provided copious amounts of liquor after hours.;-)