May 14, 2009

“What’s taking so long”

You have no idea how much I hate hearing this question.

Patron: “excuse me ‘mam, why is our food taking so long??”

G.H: “Well since you asked so nicely, I should tell you…our cook is outside smoking, or better yet, he’s in the men’s room taking a dump. He doesn’t give a fuck about you or your order, and he’ll get around to your extra well done sirloin whenever the hell he feels like it…”

First of all, If you go to a restaurant to spend money on over-priced crap, at least enjoy yourself. If you only have 20 minutes left of your lunch break, don’t expect to enjoy your dining experience.

But, if you insist, then let me give you a small pointer. An extra well-done sirloin takes about 20 minutes to cook. If you would have let us butterfly cook it, like I suggested, cook time would have been more like 11 minutes. But since you refused, thats your problem. Don’t patronize me…dont roll your eyes when you food isn’t brought out to you the second you fucking order it. This is not McDonald's. This is an upscale restrauant. If that is not acceptable, then don’t come back.


Masquerade said...

This is one thing that really annoys me, that and people muttering 'We've been here longer, we should have our food first' when they got steak and the other table got the equivalent of tuna sandwiches. I'm sorry, I'm NOT psychic, and if there's a wait for food I'm sure as hell not going to go bug the cooks and ask when food will be done. Just sit your butt down and WAIT, lol.

Love the background picture by the way. Tres cool :D

G.H. said...

I think people just don't get it.
Obviously a salad will be done before a well-done whatever.

purplegirl said...

But the laws of physics should BEND in a restaurant, allowing the much worthier well-done-sirloin customers to receive their food before a ham sandwich can be thrown together!

G.H. said...

I know right...that's gotta be what the customer is thinking. Such selfish assholes.

Garlicpbo said...

.....only read a couple of posts, to read from the beginning...I love your blog allready!