May 14, 2009

I'm just saying...

“Oh what..? You want two extra sides of butter? Annnd more syrup? Well geesh, it’s a good thing you ordered a diet coke, other wise all this shit would go straight to your big giant ass..

I’m just saying…”


purplegirl said...

Hey, now, some of us drink diet soda no matter what because we're used to the taste. :)

G.H. said...

haha. I know. I drink diet to.
I'm just shocked at how much food people can cram down their throats.

Phil R. Ollenberg said...

This post is too amazing.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the taste of diet to regular.

You are funny though.

But hey.

Without that soda you save like 300 calories
enough to eat more pasta, hahaha.