May 23, 2009

Thick and Hearty?

So, I'm not entirely sure why, but the managers decided we would stop serving the traditional A1 Steaksauce, and only use the new A1 Thick and Hearty. Assuming it was strictly a food cost decision, I figured the new stuff was probably cheaper and therefore didn't taste as good as the original. But upon tasting it, I realized quite the opposite. It truly is an identical flavor, only a slightly thicker paste.

I was so puzzled by this, as I thought it was almost ridiculous to make a product so similar to the original, but slap on a new design and give it a new name. Whatever though, its what the managers want us to serve, so it's what we'll serve.

Well tonight I had a lady order a Tri-tip. She requested A1 so I returned with the bottle, and then moved on to another table. Moments later she near stood on her seat, while frantically waving to get my attention.

Patron: "You did hear me when I asked for A1... right??!"

G.H: "Yes mam, Its right here." (pointing to obviously labeled bottle of A1)

Patron: "This is BBQ sauce"

G.H: "It is A1, its just the new Thick and Hearty."

Patron: "No it's not, it's BB.....I didn't ask for BBQ, I want my damn A1."

G.H: "I'm so sorry mam, unfortunately we don't carry the traditional A1 any more, only the thick and hearty."

Patron: "Well then bring me a to-go box, I'm taking my steak to Sizzlers."


Anonymous said...

And Sizzlers simply cannot wait to have her in their restaurant using up all their A1.

G.H. said...

We are literally feet away from sizzlers..and you'd be surprised how often people threaten going there instead..

SkippyMom said...

The "I am taking it to Sizzler" cracked me up.

I am surprised you carry steak sauce tho'. I thought high end steakhouses didn't offer it? I don't use it because a good steak is a good steak...

Love the blog btw :)

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Hate to tell her but Sizzler's won't let her in the front door with that steak since it came from another place. Health code violation. What a bitch.

I don't litter my steak up with steak sauce either. Just the same, I don't mix a premium liquor with a soda or juice, personally. What's the point in paying for the good stuff if you are just going to ruin the integerity of the flavor?

To each his own.

Great blog:) I have been lurking and enjoying every word. Keep up the good work.

G.H. said...

SkippyMom and Chris,
I also never use steak sauce, as I think it masks the flavor of the steak. However, we do carry it though it rarely requested.

Thanks for reading.

Maeve said...
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Maeve said...

**smacks forehead** FREAK!

I'm with everyone else who says no to steak sauce. IMHO, if the steak's cooked right, you don't need it.