June 29, 2009

And Totally Redeem Yourself.

A week ago I posted about the 4th of July. Many of you commented, and shared your advice as to what I should do. Most of you said I should demand the day off (or call in sick), some of you suggested that I should quit, or threaten to quit, and one anonymous blogger said I should work it "cheerfully." (Yeah Right!!)

My spineless managers are one of my favorite topics on this blog, as they provide me with endless material. However yesterday afternoon they did something so fantastic, that I may, for a week or so, have to refrain from any manager bashing to show my regards, and gratitude for a totally selfless act.

I was buzzing around the restaurant early Saturday afternoon, mentally detached from reality in order to prepare myself for the long day ahead of me. I happen to notice that all the managers were in the office chattering about something of importance. I figured it was just business, so I ignored it as usual, when the kitchen manager burst through the doors, made direct eye contact with me and said with a smile, "You owe us big time."
I was intrigued so I decided to investigate the situation. I made my way over to the office, and poked my head in, when I saw two other managers making a sign for the front door that read "Closing early for the 4th of July. Hours 12-3."
I scrunched my face with excitement. This meant that even if I was scheduled, I would be off early enough to make it up to our camp site without missing the fireworks.

GH: "Closing early, eh?"
SM: "Ya, you lucky bastards totally owe us!"
GH: "So who is scheduled then?"
SM: "None of you. The managers are gonna work it so you don't have to"

I squealed enthusiastically, almost in disbelief.
How gloriously sacrificial. I hugged both spineless managers, and thanked them obsessively for the next 7 hours.
So, after all the stupid and spineless shit they do on a regular basis, they go and do something like this...and totally redeem themselves.

Oh, and as it turns out, I also got Friday and Sunday off. Hello three day weekend, goodbye work, sanity, and soberness.


SkippyMom said...

Glad it all worked out. YAY! Fourth of July is so much more important then being gainfully employed in this economy - so happy you didn't have to quit to prove the point that the manager/relative of the owners is forgetful and spineless.

And a three day weekend too! Nice. :D Have a great time at the festivities.

JumpIt said...


Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

Eric Gruenwald said...
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The Veteran Server said...

Yeah, managers can suprise you in a good way every once in awhile. I was pleasantly surprised to be off for the 4th too! Now mind you, Saturday is my normal day off anyways, but I know at least 12 servers requested the holiday off, so I was preparing myself for "What had happened with your schedule was..." and luckily that didn't happen. Congrats on the weekend off! Nice site! I'll be back! God bless.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people that I despise do things to redeem themselves. I remember last year waiting on pins and needles to find out if my employer at the time was going to close for the holiday; I worked in an apartment office and there was no way in hell they should have been open on a national holiday.

Good for you!

Bella said...

just restores your faith in the spineless personnel! YAY for you! Enjoy your 4th!

redgirl said...

Great! I'm so glad you got extra days off too :)