June 20, 2009

And Tonight's Special Is

Last weekend we featured the Brazilian BBQ Buffet that I mentioned briefly here. It did so well that we decided to serve it again this weekend to celebrate Fathers Day.
When I arrived at work I saw a message taped to the kitchen wall.

"Sell 10 Buffets win 2 tickets to the Movies"

So I clocked on, and immediately got a 4 top. Before I had time to get their drink orders, let alone try and push the special, they had already ordered 4 Buffets.
Maybe this was going to be easier then I thought.

I went to the back and was making 4 tally's on the board when I was approached by Dolly, who is known to be a very competitive up-seller (mentioned here).

Dolly: "4 already huh? Did you sell it to them??!!"

GH: "Well, they already knew what they wanted"

Dolly: "It doesn't count then, you have to actually GET them to buy it"
*Moves forward and erases my tally's

GH: "Excuse me. But the Steakhouse doesn't give a shit HOW we sell 10, they just want us to sell 10."
*Re-Tally's 4 buffets

Dolly: "Whatever... I know I could never feel good about winning if I didn't actually get 10 sells."

GH: "That's to bad. I'll think of you while I'm enjoying my free movie."

I sold 14. How's that for irony you crazy psycho.


brit said...

Wow sounds like she gets a little too into the upselling part. christ

Bella said...

is she is same bitch who stiffed you on that British couple table?

redgirl said...

Woo! Go you...just like trying to get people to sign up for credit cards when I worked at Mervyns

Anonymous said...

She's not competitive or uptight much, is she? Geez! I love your reply to her "I'd never feel right if it wasn't ten sales" remark. Let us know what movie you go to see. ;)