June 22, 2009

The Staff Meeting

After an insane six hour fathers day shift, nothing was more appealing to me then crashing hard and sleeping late into the afternoon. But 8am came so quickly.
I woke up to a viciously annoying alarm. Rolled out of bed, pulled my hair back into a loose pony, wiped off my smeared eyeliner and mascara, and left for the dreaded staff meeting.
Box's of greasy doughnuts and flavored creamers awaited us, as if to soften the proverbial blow waiting to confront us.
"Things are gonna change around here" shouted one manager.

"We really need to get our asses in gear" screeched another.

After the yelling died down, the full story surfaced. Just a few days prior we received an unexpected visit from the health inspector. And, well...It wasn't a successful inspection, to say the least.

We failed...Big time.

For stupid things to. Like the bleach rags not being "fully submerged" in the bucket, and not having tongs in the lemons.

I laughed at the thought of the health inspector watching us work on a busy Friday night over a secret hidden camera. Picking fries off of the plates and dunking them in the ranch, taking a quick sip of our guests Long Island Iced tea, and throwing hot potatoes from the prep line, to the kitchen and back.


purplegirl said...

I love the subtext of those types of meetings. "We fucked up and didn't supervise correctly, so we're screaming at you!"

Anonymous said...

A meeting after Father's day..Give me a break!!!

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Please tell me you don't really eat your customers food and drink their left over drinks. You have no idea what kind of germs they carry.

Food for thought #2: A human's mouth is the dirtiest place on the human body.

Food for thought #2: The people who are leaving food maybe didn't wash their hands after they used the toilet. Think of the yuck-yuck under their nails as they sorted through their french fries with their fingers.


G.H. said...

purplegirl- Exactly. Everything starts with management.

Waiter Ex- You said it. It was ridiculous.

Chris- Don't worry, we would never never eat food from a dirty plate. I'm talking about before the plate/drink ever leaves the Kitchen. It's still not appropriate, but where do you think we learned....? Yup, management.

"Ohhh, these french fries/fried mushrooms ect look burnt/underdone...I better test them out before we send them to the table..."

Anonymous said...

I get stealing maybe a fry or two since you can do so by only touching that one fry, but... drinking from a customer's drink before sending it to their table is just unsanitary.

G.H. said...

Anonymous- Your absolutely right. I couldn't agree more, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
I'd like to poll all other restaurant bloggers to find out just how common these practices are.

brit said...

I worked at a family owned restaurant where stuff like that happened all the time! It IS true! I don't support it, but it's true! In our Hooters restaurant, we have ceiling cameras every ten feet. I swear it's just like vegas. I'm afraid to even pick a wedgie for fear of a manager reviewing the tapes.

G.H. said...

Brit- Thats a little strange and creepy. I can understand cameras around the money till, the lobby, and the door (to watch for dine and dashers), but everywhere in the restaurant? What are they looking for?

Anonymous said...

Oh man similar thing happened to us a few weeks ago but they shut us down at 6pm on a busy Friday night, it was nuts. The inspector had been there all day watching and he went to town with us because somehow no one (except a few servers) had a food handling lisence. This means our GM, executive chef, both sous chefs and assistant manager all didn't have theirs. Crazy. And then they blamed the inspection on our poor serving habits like sticking the glass in the ice bin to get ice. They cracked down and now everything, including our plates we stack in the back, has to be upside-down. Oh health codes....