June 6, 2009

The Fat Old Hag

Husband and I have always functioned with one car. Our schedules worked perfectly, and we never had any problems, but he has just started a new (much better paying) job and this has drastically shifted his schedule. At first we just dealt with the inconvenience of it all, but after he was forced to show up a hour late during his second week because I got held over a bit in class, we decided it was time to invest in a new car. Yesterday we both had the day off, so we got up early, put our haggling hats on, and set out on a hunt.

After hours and hours of dealer bull shit, we found a car we both liked. Ironically the same make and model of two prior cars I have totaled. (A sign not to get it??) It was listed at a totally reasonable price, but husband got them to drop it a grand and a half, so we took the offer. It was 5:15, and we figured we had plenty of time to get to the bank. We decided to put half down, and get a loan for the rest... easy peasy.

When we got to our bank, we were met by the cold eyes of a fat old hag, lets call her Ida. Her glares burnt through the back of my skull. She made several attempts to turn towards the clock and sigh heavily, as if to say she didn't want to deal with us so close to closing. She said she would help us, but what she really meant was that she wished we would go fuck ourselves.
She asked us a series of questions, and things were going fine until her computer "allegedly" lost all of our progress around 5:45, that's when she snapped. As we were going through round two of the same questions she made it a point to add a snide little comment to everything we said, letting me know how she disapproved of my "career" at the Steakhouse. She even sorted with laughter at my estimated monthly income, and when I said "That's not including tips" I heard her mumble "like it matters" under her breath.

Now here's the thing, at the steakhouse if someone shows up 1 minute before we close, I will serve them. I may not be overjoyed about it, and I may even bitch about it to the cooks in the back, but when I am staring at the customer, I am all smiles and rainbows and unicorns because for all I fucking know, it could be a secret shopper, or a big tipper.
Looking back, I am only bothered because of the way she she judged me. How her sickeningly obese eye looked down on me with disgust because of my "career" or my income. She doesn't know me. I am a student first. Waitressing is simply getting me through, a means to an end if you will. Whatever though, I'll let her have her laughs. I'll let her go home thinking how much better off she is then me because of her fancy desk job, her business cards and her plus size ergonomic office chair, although I secretly know one day she'll be my patient, begging for her life as I put her on dialysis for fucking up her kidneys with one to many cheeseburgers.

Who will be judging who then?


redgirl said...

Aaaah, so annoying!! I hate it when people make judgements on a person based on what they PRESUME about that person's occupation

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

At the end of the day, we all take our pants off the same way. Remember that the next time someone tries to take you down a notch.

Anonymous said...

LMAO..I still get that bit years after leaving food service, especially when people learn that I am a receptionist at a large size law firm. My hubby just laughs. People are rude because they are inept Passive Agressive A Hats . Ida's day will come honey..Hope all goes well with the new car and schedule.

Aunty Pol

Anonymous said...

"it's cause your a fatty"
YOU'RE not your

and what does her being so rude have to do with her weight?

G.H. said...

Anonymous, The spelling tip is much appreciated. However I'll refuse to see your sarcasm and snarky attitude,simply by assuming my comments about this lady's weight offended you.

You may want to re-read this post, as you will not find any place where I made a direct connection to this lady's weight, and her disrespectful attitude towards me. I was simply sharing the fact of the situation that took place. Take it for what you will, and refer to my disclaimer above...

The opinions stated here are my own, if you do not like them, please leave.

Anonymous said...

I just ran across your blog today and while I find it most interesting, the fat hatred is offensive. Just learn to hate people for who they are, not what they look like.

G.H. said...

Thanks Anon, but your mistaken...
I did hate her for who she was...a hag

her size, was simply part of a complete description of the situation I encountered.

Anonymous said...

You can hate people for their fatness. Fat people are disgusting. It isn't nice to hate them if that's their only flat though...but they are disgusting.

"I put her on dialysis for fucking up her kidneys with one to many cheeseburgers.

Who will be judging who then? "

one TOO many and "juding WHOM" then. Just saying, not trying to be a dick.

G.H. said...


"It isn't nice to hate them if that's their only flat though"


Just saying, Not trying to be a dick.

Jess said...

I just came across your blog site yesterday G.H (and can i please take the time to gush to you, how entertaining, articulate and dry humoured i find your musings :) ) and it seems as though people comb through your blogs to find your supposed remarks about obese people? You never once on this site have expressed a disliking to people because of their weight yet every now and again you get a needly comment from someone trying to pick holes in you for mentioning that someone is fat. Fat is a description. I bet no one would batter an eyelid if you described someone as 'painfully thin' or 'a dirty smoker'. But as soon as you mention that someone doesnt look like kate moss you get comments from people who are acting like you just asked them for a spare kidney... Its funny how the world works... But hey, keep up the good work G.H. :)

Ohhh and anon, why do you give a fuck about spelling errors? lol.