June 20, 2009

All You Can Eat Buffet

A strange and unique couple came into the restaurant. He was young, and thin. She was also young, and nearly four times his size. He asked for a side salad and she ordered the all you can eat Brazilian Buffet. She had a Pepsi, and he had a diet. He only ate half his salad, while she gorged herself on the buffet.

Near the end of their meal I walked by with a smile, and asked if everything was ok. He said he was great, and she mentioned how she had never been so stuffed in her life. She made it a point to tell me how she totally "pigged out" and that she could "absolutely explode."

She didn't need to tell me, I already knew. And I couldn't help but think that everything about there visit seemed totally backwards.


Bella said...

I guess there's more of her to love? eeeeek

Caroline said...

Listen you little twit: I've worked in restaurants, hotels, catering, front of the house, back of the house; name it, I've done it. I really feel you on most of what you have to say here. Really, I do. But seriously, your thing against fat people is just fucking rude. no really, it is. and let me tell you, I have no sympathy for you getting stiffed by anyone for any reason if you are harboring such nasty little judgements in your head against fatties. It's called karma.

G.H. said...

Caroline- First off, no name calling. How dare you ask me to be kind and respectful to others, when kindness is obviously not a quality you posses yourself.

Secondly, my "thing against fat people" is no different then my "thing against skinny white bitches" or "rude sexual harassing Hispanic guy"
but you don't seem to mind those blogs. I'm sure you comb through blogs looking for the smallest sign of a fat basher, and leave all kinds of nasty comments.

And lastly, nobody asked you to come here. And certainly nobody is begging you to stay. If I say things that offend you, then stop reading my blog, its a really quick fix.

Caroline said...

wow, feisty eh? seriously, I really feel as though I should clear a couple things up:
1: I actually didn't ask you to be kind and respectful of others, just fat people. And i didn't actually ask you to do anything, I just bitched about your attitude. And yeah, I called you a name, and not a particularly nasty one. If you're gonna put your thoughts out there on the interwebz, you're gonna have to be ready for people not to like them.... and comment about it.... And even call you names... At least I didn't comment about your obese eye sockets (christ, what the fuck is an obese eye socket anyway???)

B. The skinny white bitches and rude sexual harrassing hispanic guys can be offended for themselves (by the way, does he ever talk about his "huevos"? -shudder-). As a person of girth, I'm offended about the fat comments, I don't really care about the others, if they want to get pissed, they can take it up with you. I'm just tired of all of the judgy mc judypants looking at me and all of my fellow people of size with their judgy little eyes and making heaps of assumptions.

III. I don't comb blogs looking for fat bashers. Most times I ignore fat bashers. you just have to understand that I randomly came across your site from reading the comments on the psychotic letters from men blog and was all excited about finding a new blog that I could really relate to... and then you had to hate on my people. It was like waking up on christmas morning to a hate letter from santa.

please understand that while I did mean offense, it was in a sort of a cranky irritable way, and not a self righteous high horse way.
-stepping off soap box in 3...2...1-

Masquerade said...

I'll just say that I'm fat too, but I hate myself, so I don't mind fat bashing unless it's about somebody in my family :P Also if you're fat, please don't expect us to treat you in a special way. I'm not going to give you extra care because you need special accommodations. If you can take care of yourself and tip me at least a little something then I'll treat you exactly like everybody else: with care and respect.

G.H. said...

Masquerade- Well said, thank you.
I apologize to everyone if any fat comments have been offensive. But my husband said it best just this afternoon, if I was a counselor blogging about my job working with rehab patients, should I be scolded for talking about addicts? No! I work in the food industry, so obviously I am dealing with a wide variety of people consuming said food. And according to polls, 50% of those people are overweight, or obese. So I share the facts of each situation. Never to be cruel, rather entertaining, and informative.

Anonymous said...

I was surfing through PShop disasters and decided to click on the blog link to here.

nice pithy little comments on everyday life. But then i read this post...

LOL, OK I knew that the PC brigade was quite prevalent in the US, but I couldn't believe the terms being used by Caroline.

Person of girth?
My fellow people of size????
hate on my people?????


I am astounded at the sheer victim mentality here. its called admitting you're fat and dealing with it. Quit trying to give it the same credence as racism or sexism.

The problem with fat people trying to do that is that its laughable. YOU can stop eating for a start and start exercising. Et Voila... no more huge fatty boom boom.

THEY cant change their gender or colour (barring a certain Mr Jackson)

get to grips with reality, ms chip on her shoulder.

I personally found it quite funny that the lard arse couldnt see the irony in her own comments

oh and i too am a "fatty", and I know that I should really do some more gym work or cut down on the sugar intake. No ones fault but my own. Plus being of ethnic origin, Ive had some major racist abuse in my life too. Trust me being called fat isnt even in the same league

anyways rant over

nice blog G.H

Anonymous said...

I love the comments on here. I don't think you have anything against fat people (or maybe you do? I don't care!). The situation at hand, however, is what you were talking about.

I mean, if you saw them walking down the street and just busted out laughing because the girl is fat... that would be rude.

But she and a skinny fellow came into your restaurant, and she gorged herself on everything in reach, while he did not. Obviously not all fat people do that - but Christ, does she really need all that? NO! She should share some of that food with her poor husband.

(Although the couple's size differences make me think maybe she is a feedee and he is a feeder, and a chubby chaser at that.)

Anonymous said...

Seven years ago, I lost 65 pounds after being sick of looking at my big fat melon head and ever expanding waistline. What did I do? I'll let you in on the biggest secret of all: I changed my eating habits, and started exercising EVERY DAY. No excuses. No "boo hoo" stop judging me.

I don't eat junkfood any more. I eat smaller portions and I continue to exercise.

So stop whining, put on some sneakers and go outside and take a walk. And put down that twinkie.

brypie said...

Lovin' reading your blog :)

Carrie said...

I'm sorry, but you do have a problem with fat people.

I'm a fat people and it kind of bothers me too.

You need to get a little bit of a grip on it.

Jus' sayin.

and oh yeah - I walk 2 miles a day - clean my house, bathe, eat smart and yet - I remain overweight. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone..you dont have to read this if you dont like it. Its that simple.

Brooke VP said...

Carrie-- walking 2 miles/day burns MAYBE 200 calories which is easily trumped by an alcoholic beverage, a cookie, even a healthy snack like a Luna Bar.

Walking 2 miles should be an average amount of movement in your day---not considered exercise.... it's better than nothing, but to actually lose weight you have to challenge yourself to intense cardio that is sustained for at least 30 minutes and add in weight training.

Also, we tell ourselves we eat "smart" but often overlook little sneaky snacks, eat more than a single portion, etc. Keep a food journal and write EVERYTHING down in it---you can go back and quickly learn where the extra calories are piling up and sabotaging your good intentions. Best of luck!

Adelle said...

Fat people need to stop whining. Yeah, there are peeps with thyroid disorders, but that's pretty rare. Stop acting like you have handicap and get on a treadmill. G.H., you totally rock. I would've thought the same thing.