September 10, 2009

100th Follower: Observations About The World

Fran, author of Observations About The World has a comedic outlook on life, television, and societal expectations of love, relationships, and (a mutual disgust and hatred of) Twilight.

She is a brilliant rant writer, and her abhorrence towards teen pop, miley cyrus, and seventeen's "Is He Cheating" quizzes, is sensed in every word.

2. To your knowledge, has he ever cheated before?
A. Yes
B. Not sure
C. No

Is there even anything to say about this question?
First off, if he has, in fact, cheated on you before, then you're stupid. On the other hand, whether he's cheated on you or not doesn't determine whether he'll cheat on you. There's a first time for everything.

And from her Four Depressing TV Shows-

3: MTV Cribs
Okay, who seriously wants to watch 30 minutes of rich celebrities showing off how rich they are by showing us their home(s)? Especially since most of the people who watch MTV are middle class people who cannot become rich unless they have some crazy talent. You see people with like 5 cars that they don't even use, and you wish you had money like that. Trust me, after a few episodes, you'll feel like a failure.


PaletteLetters said...

Thank you so much!!! =]

Bryna said...

Nice... Now I may become a fan of your 100th Follower.


Cheap Soma Online said...

I first took a Seventeen quiz when I was 12. I never took another one again. Ugh. Talk about patronizing and stupid analysis.